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Krystal & Jeremy Burkett         

(903) 440-4017                                                                                               



STUD: _______________AKC# _______________


BITCH: __________________AKC# ________________






Stud Service Fee is $1,500 (Non-refundable) and is due before breeding or shipping.


Stud service is provided to approved bitches only and will be at the discretion of the stud owner. All bitches must have a minimum of EIC, PRA-prcd, D-locus, hips & elbows completed. Before breeding a picture of the bitch, proof of testing and a copy of the bitch’s pedigree must be provided to Heaven Bound Labradors.


 The owner (s) of the bitch guarantees

1. The bitch is in good health, free of internal parasites, and up to date on vaccines.

2. The bitch has no aggressive or bad behavioral issues.

3. The bitch will have quality care during pregnancy.

4. That all puppies will be sold on limited registration


 Full registration will be available to approved reputable breeders for an additional fee of $1,000 per puppy and paid to Heaven Bound Labradors owner Krystal Burkett.


A litter is defined as 2 live puppies at 5 days. In the event a bitch fails to produce a litter, a return stud service by the same stud will be provided upon request at the bitch’s next heat.




Litter registrations must be completed By Mail or AKC online litter registration within 14 days of whelp. Heaven Bound Labradors are not responsible for selling puppies produced by bitch.





All expenses related to the collection, including handling and shipping of the fresh-chilled or frozen semen, are the sole responsibility of the owner of the above-mentioned bitch. Before semen collection, you must have your credit card number on file with Josey Ranch Pet Hospital (who will be performing the service). Extended semen is available. Dr. Kirk Esmond and Staff are Reproduction Specialists.


Please arrange a shipping account with FedEx so that shipping can be charged directly to the buyer or make arrangements with Josey Ranch Clinic to handle the FedEx expenses for you. RIA-Progesterone testing is required for shipped semen. All semen will be checked for motility before shipping. The stud owner is not responsible for loss of semen during transport or late arrival of shipment.



By this Contract, it is specifically agreed that the Stud Dog Owner is not obligated to sign the

application for Litter Registration until and unless the Stud Fee and any other related financial

arrangements have been paid in full, or, in the case of a puppy-back agreement (in lieu of Stud

Fee), the Stud Dog Owner has taken possession of the puppy as previously agreed.


I understand the above-written Contract and agree to follow all typed and written sections.

Both parties agree to all the above agreements and terms.




Stud Dog Owner_____________________________ Date:______________



Bitch Owner_________________________________ Date: ______________





Reproductive Vet contact information:

Josey Ranch Pet Hospital

Dr. Kirk Esmond - Reproductive Specialist

2150 N. Josey Ln

Carrollton, Tx 75006

(972) 446-9667



Trans cervical insemination



artificial insemination



Chilled & Shipped -

$313.36 + overnight shipping (shipping varies depending on location. Our vet uses FedEx only)


If your bitch is coming to our reproduction veterinary at Josey Ranch pet hospital to do artificial insemination, trans cervical insemination, or progesterone test, she will need the following:

*Current Rabies Vaccine

*Current Heartworm screening

Please bring documentation for vaccine and heartworm screening.


Other services, if needed:


Wellness exam



Progesterone test



Rabies vaccine



Heartworm SNAP test



*This is the current pricing as of 2023; prices are subject to change. 

Stud Contract

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