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How your Heaven Bound Puppy is raised

Where is a Heaven Bound Puppy raised?

 Our puppies are raised inside our home and in our nursery with a 24-hour live video feed to our phone and home TV. The nursery is attached to our home, so they are steps away from us. We believe Mom needs a quiet place to have adequate sleep, privacy, and comfort to support her mental and physical health in the first few weeks. Our nursery has air control, so they are kept cozy or cool. The nursery is kept clean at all times to ensure the health of our fur babies. 

How is a Heaven Bound Labrador Puppy raised?

 We use a Puppy Culture program & Early Neurologic Stimulation, also known as ENS. The ENS program was developed by the US Military as part of their “bio-sensor” or “super puppy” program and was further studied and popularized by Dr. Carmen Battaglia.

 Dogs are what’s known as an “altricial” species, meaning they are born in a state where they are born helpless. Puppies can’t see, hear, maintain their body temperature, or even eliminate themselves at birth. They can slowly crawl very short distances, maybe up to a few feet at a time. Their helpless state continues until they are about 2-3 weeks old, depending on breed. (Compare this to “precocial” species, such as horses, that, within minutes of birth, can see, hear, eat, maintain their own body temperature, and run.)

 At about 2-3 weeks old, puppies start to be able to hear, see, and move around a little better, as well as to eliminate on their own.

But it’s the period between birth and this beginning of self-sufficiency that is critical for ENS.


 ENS is done while the puppies are in their early developmental stage. The stage that follows early development is their socialization period, which is another critical stage to ensure puppies grow and adapt as optimally as possible. ENS helps prepares them for their socialization period when they learn how to interact with and trust humans, other dogs, and other species. Using ENS, we ensure your puppies have the emotional development to handle and meet socialization challenges.

In other words, ENS is critical to preparing your puppies to meet and conquer their world!

The attention, love, dedication, and hard work it takes to raise a puppy from the day of conception to 8 weeks, is rewarding for a lifetime for both our family and your puppy!

Krystal & Jeremy Burkett

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