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Puppy Go-Home Bag

What will be in my puppy's go-home bag? 

Every puppy will be sent home with a special Heaven Bound Labradors Go-home bag which will include toys, a mother scent blanket, Lifes Abundance puppy treats, puppy waste bags, a clicker for training, puppy-safe wipes, a puppy collar, & potty pads!


What will be in my puppy's file?

Puppies will come home with their Heaven Bound Puppy file, which will include the following:

*AKC Registration paperwork

*Pet Insurance Information

*Veterinarian Health Records

*Microchip registration paperwork

*Information Pamphlets

*Signed Health Guarantee/Contract

Most importantly, your new fur member will come home healthy, happy, and pre-spoiled with lots of love and attention!

We believe quality food and vitamins make a huge difference in a puppy/dog's life, so we ask all clients to keep their new four-legged family member on the best!

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